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 What You Can Do

A positive resolution of this issue depends on individual people getting involved and taking action. Even if you don't live in Cayuga Heights, you can make a difference:

1. Speak up
Contact the following decision makers and let them know your questions and concerns:

Mayor Kate Supron
(607) 257-1238

Deputy Mayor Liz Karns
(607) 257-1238

Police Chief James Steinmetz
(607) 257-1011

Cayuga Heights Trustees:
Chris Crooker email
Stephen Hamilton email
Diana Riesman email
Richard Robinson email
Peter Salton email

Phone messages for the trustees can be left at (607) 257-1238.

2. Sign our online petition
Visit for a quick and easy way to get your name added to our petition and have an email sent in your name to the decisionmakers.

3. Write a letter to the editor

The Ithaca Journal
Ithaca Times
Cornell Daily Sun

4. Sign up to receive updates

Sign up at the top of this column.

5. Help educate others
Get your friends, neighbors and colleagues involved in the public dialogue about this important issue. Begin by letting them know about this web resource. You can do that quickly and easily by clicking on the Send-to-a-Friend button.

6. Attend meetings of the Cayuga Heights Village Trustees

The Village Trustees are the decision makers. Consider attending these public meetings and letting the trustees know your questions and concerns.

Village Trustee meetings are open to the public and are held at 7 PM on the second Monday of every month.

Learn more | What you can do | Sign our Online Petition

   Meet Cayuga Deer was contacted by a resident who shares her yard with several deer who are at risk of being killed in Cayuga Heights’ proposed bait and shoot program. She said:

“I have anywhere from five to fourteen deer in my yard daily. I enjoy them, as does my neighbor. I have watched them grow up and feel like they are part of my home now. I have watched a young buck take care of an orphan all year, with the fawn nursing at any mother that would let her. My deer friends are not aggressive but so gentle. It breaks my heart that they may be killed.”

With camera in hand, she captured this remarkable story which continues to unfold in her back yard. Click on the thumbnails at right to learn more.

Cayuga Heights Deer


Updated Photos: Spring 2009

   Mouseover each thumbnail to take a closer look (please be patient, page may take a moment to load)


Updated Photos: Winter 2009

   Deer at play, January, 2009.    (mouseover each thumbnail to take a closer look)
Our local deer were seen playing in the snow, unaware of the violent fate that may be in store for them.

   Will they meet a violent end? Their fate rests in our hands.   (mouseover each thumbnail for a closer look)
The orphaned fawn has grown and lost her spots. Her life, and the lives of the deer who raised her, now hang in the balance. What will be their fate?